Yoga is probably the best legal drug a city person can take and I strongly believe that regular practice can solve most of your problems which starts in our minds. After practicing for quite some years, I decided to quit my job (classic I know) and took off for my Jivamukti teacher training in New York 2012.

Followed up by a one year apprenticeship with my teacher and owner of the Berlin Jivamukti Studio Anja Kühnel and several other workshops around the globe. Teaching and learning ever since. Last year I did my Level 2 Yin Yoga training with Biff Mithöfer in Munich.

Yoga and the related philosophy has brought me closer to myself, taught me how to go beyond my limits and has turned me into a more compassionate, healthier and happier person. I believe in yoga being as a powerful tool to strengthen the body, to calm the mind and equalize emotions. Last but definitely not least: connect again with your inner soul and get rid of obsolete patters and habits. Hence the power of transformation and change for everyone. When I am not on my mat I am a passionate self employed Art Director. Namasté!