My yoga journey started long before I decided to become a teacher. During the time I traveled in China and India, my yoga practice became a more and more important part of my life. I was lucky to meet teachers who lightened my way and made me discover different yoga styles (Ashtanga, Jivamukti yoga, Yogic Arts, Budokon yoga). Life taught me to stay open to new experiences and not to limit myself. My first studio “yogaroom” opened in 2008, the second one “yogaloft” in 2011. During those years I was teaching as well as organizing many workshops with visiting teachers.

Although creating a yoga community in Luxembourg was a very precious and fulfilling experience, I decided in 2016, the year of my Jivamukti teacher’s training, that it was time for a radical change and gave up everything to move to Cape Town.

My personal teaching style is quite dynamic. I try to challenge and stimulate my students but also encourage them to follow their pace without pressure. It is a real fulfillment to share the enthusiasm for yoga with my students. I love to be a student myself and to explore the infinity of yogic experience.