After many years of training as a classical dancer and being plagued by injury, I decided to hang up my shoes and pursue my academic studies in Biomedical Science. Then motherhood took me on a different path and while searching for a way to calm my mind and find headspace, I found myself on my mat for the first time and from that moment I was hooked.
The ability to get in touch with my body, flow through the movements and find peace in my mind all at the same time gave rise to my happy place. After trying different styes of yoga, I found a teacher who inspired me to take my passion and love of yoga further and become a teacher myself.
My teaching style evolves daily as I grow and establish myself but its foundation is built on Vinyasa flow with emphasis on alignment. I use selected peak poses to build strength and improve flexibility within the body. Incorporating my interest in anatomy with dance choreography I like exploring how flowing through the movements can positively affect our state of mind and is something I aspire to share through my classes.
Everyones yoga journey is different and it is my hope to guide, grow, support and inspire others as I follow my own yoga path, promoting wellness to create a healthy body, mind and soul.